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Little Tikes Club House Swing Set 612395

Little Tikes Club House Swing Set 612395

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Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set 612395

  • Little Tikes Club House Swing Set 612395

Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set

  • 1 set playground terdiri dari 2 ayunan, 1 perosotan, area memanjat dan rumah kecil dilengkapi setir
  • Maksimum digunakan 4 anak bersamaan. 
  • Berat maksimum masing masing anak 60 lbs / 27 kg
  • Playground harus ditanam ke tanah. Jangkar / Anchors sudah disediakan.
  • Ukuran Produk: 143.50''L x 68.00''W x 76.00''H --- Berat: £ 138,69.
  • Ukuran Kotak : 86.50''L x 40.50''W x 20.00''H --- Berat: £ 143,00.
  • Tinggi Slide dari tanah ke atas slide: 0.00''L x 0.00''W x 27.00''H ---
  • Ketinggian platform dari tanah ke atas platform: 0.00''L x 0.00''W x 27.00''H ---
  • Slide: 45.50''L x 0.00''W x 0.00''H ---


The Little Tikes Company was founded in 1970 in Hudson, OH. The company is a multi-national manufacturer and marketer of high- quality, innovative children's products. Little Tikes pioneered rotational molding in the manufacturing of children's products. Little Tikes emulates brand loyalty through durable, safe, imaginative, active play. Little Tikes are known for our playhouses, ride-ons, sports, sandboxes, climbers, slides, role-play, creative arts, infant, preschool and juvenile furniture. Little Tikes was the first toy company to offer an on-site childcare center for employees' children and serve as a test center during product development.

Little Tikes is aimed at creating and supplying thoughtful and imaginative products to customers and consumers around the world. To reach that goal, Little Tikes associates' actions are guided by the principle of Customer satisfaction, Teamwork, Innovation, Marketing, Continuous Improvement, and Sustainability.

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