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Eitech Tracked Vehicles C89

Eitech Tracked Vehicles C89

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Eitech Tracked Vehicles C89

  • Eitech Tracked Vehicles C89
  • Eitech Tracked Vehicles C89

Build a Racing Car or Quad, bring it to life and tear it apart again with Eitech's Racing Car/Quad Set. Made of steel, this Eitech Set includes over 180 parts that will allow kids to build a race car, quad, or anything their imagination comes up with! Designed to promote and develop three dimensional thinking, creativity and learning while at the same time having fun! Step by step illustrated instructions are included for easy to follow directions. This educational building set is designed for kids to exercise their hands-on skills, imagination and cognitive performance by assembling a race car/quad with the included parts. 

The little engeniers of tomorrow 

Known for German engineering, Eitech creates toys that encourage the imagination and let the children discover the world of technic playfully. Eitech products enable children at an early age an insight into the technical and mechanical diversity of modeling. Diecast steel and plastic parts allow young and old minds to build and construct the vehicles, planes and construction equipment of the kits they are provided in. Architecture, machines, motors and more can be explored through the simplest of parts. With Eitech, there are no limits to what kids can build.

Eitech products are made in Germany

Seraphina Educational Corner is the Indonesia Official Distributor for Eitech

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