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Morphun BUNDLE Gearphun

Morphun BUNDLE Gearphun

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Morphun BUNDLE Gearphun

  • Morphun BUNDLE Gearphun
  • Morphun BUNDLE Gearphun
  • Morphun BUNDLE Gearphun
  • Morphun BUNDLE Gearphun



- Berisi +/- 200 pieces dalam kota. Warna: RANDOM

- Guide Book Gearphun: 48 pages


Why Gearphun?

The Morphun Gearphun education system is designed to be strong, durable and flexible in use. It has been launched with a ‘Starter’ range of in-class and in-home instructions, with work cards suitable for graded activities ages 4-8, that will be fun and rewarding to complete.

Key Learning Objectives:

To explore the basic physics of movement and rotation including the effects of friction, creating power, and how simple machines need and use gears.
Free play where the player or team makes his/her/their own gears systems and explores how they work.
Developing team working, following instructions on how to construct a working mechanism.

The gears can be engaged side-by-side, or at right angles to one another.
There are 5 gear wheel sizes with 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 teeth.
There are 2 different gear wheels. Red & blue ‘drive’ wheels where the central hole has teeth.
Green, Yellow or Black ‘spinning’ wheels where the central hole is smooth without teeth.
Each gear is marked clearly with its number of teeth. This ensures that the teacher or student can find the right gear easily for each exercise, activity or model they are making.
There is a hole in gear tooth one to make it easy to locate.
The system meets the new STEM requirements. (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) and to encourage an interest in, and understanding of simple through to more complex mechanisms and technology both in class and at home. All of course in a ‘more fun’ way.
We provide a double ended, multi-use crank handle, which can also join together to make double length handles for greater leverage.
A whole suite of instructions, work cards and a Guide Book are available.
The high quality Morphun bound Guide Book has 48 pages of colour models.
The amazingly versatile 5 and 25 hole, side joining or 90 degrees joining base blocks offer more flexibility of design and are more advanced than any other system we have seen.

Morphun adalah mainan konstruksi pemenang berbagai penghargaan internasional yang berasal dari UK. Morphun menawarkan sistem konstruksi yang memungkinkan cara merakit yang lebih banyak daripada yang ditawarkan mainan konstruksi konvensional. Morphun tidak hanya dapat dirakit vertikal (ke atas), namun juga dapat dirakit horizontal (ke samping). Morphun dirakit menggunakan gerigi sehingga hasil rakitan menjadi kuat dan kokoh.

Hasil jadi Morphun relatif lebih ringan karena Morphun brick bisa langsung dirakit kesamping menggunakan gerigi sehingga tidak membutuhkan brick brick diatas nya untuk mengunci.

Dalam membentuk suatu model yang sama, Morphun menggunakan lebih sedikit brick daripada brick konvensional karena Morphun brick dapat dirakit ke samping dengan mudah.

Morphun telah tersedia di lebih dari 40 negara dan dipakai secara aktif dalam kurikulum sekolah sekolah internasional untuk membantu proses belajar terutama anak anak kecil (usia balita). Semua produk Morphun adalah buatan Eropa dan memiliki sertifikat EN71, ASTM dan telah sesuai dengan standard tinggi US dan Eropa untuk produk mainan.

Morphun adalah mainan yang telah memiliki sertifikat SNI (Standard Nasional Indonesia)

Seraphina Educational Corner adalah distributor resmi Morphun di Indonesia

Follow Morphun Indonesia Activity & Competition at @MorphunIndonesia #MorphunIndonesia #SeraphinaEducationalCorner 

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