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Haba Lady Richmond

Haba Lady Richmond

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Haba Lady Richmond

  • Haba Lady Richmond
  • Haba Lady Richmond

There's excitement at the Wetherby auction house. After the unexpected passing of wealthy Lady Richmond, her estate is being auctioned off. The player who keeps an overview of the auction chaos and uses their money carefully will manage to secure the best items and win the turbulent game.

Contents: 1 game board, 50 coins, 15 cheat tiles, 1 auction block, 1 money chest, 49 playing cards (37 object cards, 12 auctioneer cards), 1 set of instructions.
Age from 8 years
Age to 99 years
Material card

Packaging language German
Game type board game
party game
Number of players from 2 persons
Number of players up to 5 persons
Game duration from 30 min
Illustrators Christian Effenberger
Authors Tim Rogasch
Game instructions language German

Haba is internationally well known producer of top educational toys and games. 

Made in Germany

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